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Liaison Group with European civil society organisations and networks
MAY 2017
The Europe we are striving for!
Although the recent elections in the Netherlands and France have demonstrated that the majority of people support the European project, we cannot close our eyes to the alarmingly high percentages won by the extreme right - a fact that shows that many European citizens are disappointed by the political and economic situation and that they desperately want to see some change.

The EESC is currently working on an opinion concerning the White Paper presented by the Commission on the future of Europe. This opinion will also be based on consultations that are already under way with civil society in all the Member States, allowing civil society organisations to express their views and concerns.

The EESC considers that we urgently need to decide what Europe we are striving for, before it is too late. This year's "Civil Society Days" will consequently issue a call for a new political impulse to relaunch the EU on the basis of our values and roots and will also clearly voice the commitment of civil society organisations to forge ahead. Let's use this opportunity to make proposals on how to tackle populists, how to make use of the technological revolution, how to empower civil society organisations and increase social and territorial cohesion. Together, we can do it!

George Dassis, EESC President
Co-chair of the Liaison Group
News from the CSO members of the Liaison Group

SOLIDAR welcomes that finally the proposal for a European Pillar of Social Rights is on the table after a long year of consultations and discussions. From the very beginning SOLIDAR, trade unions and other Civil Society Organisations argued in favour of a pillar introducing… (read more).

Put young people at the heart of the Pillar of Social Rights

The European Youth Forum welcomes that the Commission put a strong focus on social rights in its latest proposal. However, to become reality, they need to be supported by concrete legislative proposals and consequent investment and actions from all EU institutions, Member States and all relevant stakeholders.


The European Foundation Centre will be hosting the Brussels stop in the Do Good Data world tour with the aim to help build better horizontal connections between local actors and connect these local networks across the globe.

6th International Conference on Philanthropy -  Athens, 21 - 23 June

The Conference on Philanthropy, organised by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), will discuss "Creativity, Imagination and the Activation of Public Spaces".


6 nominees were selected in the final phase of the Employment for All awards: 3 Social Service Providers and 3 Businesses. The winners will be announced in the "Employment for All" Conference in Belfast, 14-16 June. Read more


The ‘European Badge Alliance’ aims at recognition of non-formal learning through ‘Open badges’, bringing together organisations active in learning mobility of all kinds. Discover the programme and register here by 15 June.
Past events
Europe and the migrant crisis – tackling the causes and consequences - Skopje, 22 April

In honour of Europe Day 2017, the European Movement in Macedonia organised a debate with the objective of promoting and strengthening the European values in the national context.


Social inclusion and labour market integration of refugees being one of the pressing issues in the migration crisis and of great importance, the European Movement International took the Migration Event Series to the national level – to Berlin.

The collaborative economy, what is it?

A new video was released by Cooperatives Europe and Possum Interactive, a creative digital cooperative agency. This short animation underlines the potential of cooperatives for the future of collaborative economy.
News from the EESC
Registration now open!

"The Europe we strive for" will be organized civil society's call for a new political impulse to relaunch the EU on the basis of our values and roots and also give a clear commitment of civil society organisations to forge ahead.
Registration started on 22 May and will be open until 21 June. Register here


The objective is twofold: on the one hand, to review the progress made in building an ecosystem for social enterprises and, on the other hand, to see what the next steps are for this enterprise model to be recognized and more widely disseminated.
Past EESC events 
60 years of European Community - Let's shape the future!

At the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the EESC held a high-level conference entitled Sixty years of European community - let's shape the future!
The conference conclusions have now been published.


European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder Forum -  Brussels, 12 April

The European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder Forum discussed opportunities for young people to support communities and people in need through volunteering and solidarity-related jobs, traineeships and apprenticeships, both in the young people's home countries and abroad.
EESC President Dassis gave the closing speech: "When we practice solidarity, we achieve successes, sometimes so great that they can leave a trace in history".


This electronic passport assists and guides citizens in making their voice heard Europe by asking basic questions as to ‘when should I take action?’, ‘who should I join forces with?’ and which instrument should I use?’.
It offers plenty of interactive elements: quick links, quizzes and infographics to illustrate the information and give insight into citizen's rights at a glance.


New technologies and digitalization: opportunities and challenges for Social Economy and Social Entreprise - Brussels, 12 May
The opportunities and challenges emerging around potential synergies between digitalization, new technologies and social economy actors were thoroughly examined. Social economy and social entreprises must use digitization and digital technologies as a lever for economic and social transformation and increased social impact across Europe.
EESC plenary session 30 - 31 May
EESC legislative programme
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Civil dialogue in the EU
Citizens’ Dialogues

Citizens' Dialogues with Commissioners, in the style of town-hall debates, are taking place across the EU. Feel free to come along – it's "first come, first served"! Check upcoming events.

The Good Lobby Inaugural Event - Brussels, 22 June

The Good Lobby connects academics and legal professionals, acting on a pro bono basis, with NGOs working on key social and political issues at the European level.
The Inaugural Event will open with a keynote speech from Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, and bring together EU officials, legal professionals, civil society actors and academics to publicly build a case for pro bono in Europe. Register here
Special features
Council of Europe’s Secretary General 2017 report on democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe

The report assesses five building blocks of democratic security across Member States: independent judiciaries, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association, the functioning of democratic institutions, and inclusive societies; this time in the context of growing populism.


Citizens across Europe are taking to the streets and the Internet to counter the Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant messages of far-right populists and nationalists.
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